Tax Time Coming

Some may think I’m really getting an early start, which I am, for gathering the pertinent information and documents together for Uncle Sam. Well, they are right because when someone has a non-profit 501c3 ministry we have to have all our receipts, and ducks in a row because we have Uncle Sam, with his bad breath and all, breathing down our necks.

I have a record book that has a page designated for each book title. Since I have nine published books I must have an accurate record of each book sold, donated, or given free as advertisement. Then there is postage paid out and postage received, donations received through individuals, and well, the record book has a lot of required information in case “Uncle” comes for an unwanted visit.

I would suggest that anyone who has a published book do the same. Record keeping is imperative regardless of whether you are a non-profit or just selling books to friends and family. You still have to report that as income along with the expenses to have it published and what you paid for each book you purchased, etc.

So you can imagine what I have been doing since the Christmas decorations came down the day after Christmas. Oh yes, doing inventory of the books! When I had the first book published, Laying Down my Net, and then had the 2nd book, Sacrifices of a Saint, published by the same publisher they had a large stock of my books in their warehouse. (Publishers don’t do that now) and when Vantage Press went out of business they send me everything they had in stock of these 2 books.

Holy cow I had close to 800 books between just these 2 books stacked in my basement. Then add the books that were published later and with my excitement of “becoming a #1 Best selling author” I would order 200-300 books at a time because, don’t ya’ know we must have plenty on hand for the big demand.

After about the 5th or 6th book I sadly, and regrettably learned, I’m not a #1 best seller author so ordered a lot fewer when ordering a newly published book. What I’m leading up to is that I have boxes and boxes of books stacked up with nowhere to go…

Until I learned of a ministry that collects books to distribute to prisons across America. If you are interested in donating books to this ministry here’s the link: or you can contact them at:

My way of sharing in their ministry and using my books to hopefully bring some light and joy, as well as reduce my stock pile, I have as of today, donated 238 books to their ministry. Yay, my inventory is quickly going down in numbers and I’m thrilled to know that each one of those 238 books, EACH ONE, is being read by 30 people. Now that’s impressive!

Back to the point, I’m basically finished with the ministry tax stuff and now it’s time to start on the personal.

Don’t you just love tax time!?

Happy and blessed New Year to each and every one of you.


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