An Interesting Day

Gerri and I decided to go to Sam’s today to pick up some things I needed. Yes, on a Saturday and I have never seen the parking lot so jam packed full! I think everyone is stocking up before whatever is coming comes.

We finally found a parking space and was greeted at the door with a mask shoved at us which we both refused, and was given dirty looks by the mask pusher. Pushing our carts around and filling them with what we needed, while being given dirty sideways looks by the sheeple, we finished shopping and decided to hit the hot dog stand and that’s when it got really interesting.

While waiting for our hot dogs I struck up a conversation with a man waiting for his hot dogs and wow, he said he was at the Washington rally. He told us there were 3 Million people and one street was lined for 5 miles with peaceful people there to support President Trump. He was on the Capital steps and the guards let them inside. It was almost like the guards was giving them a tour and were friendly and all.

A bus pulled right up in front filled with Antifa dressed like Trump supporters and then all hell broke out. He got sprayed with pepper spray twice. While the guards were trying to get the bad guys other guards, (he’s laughing) got sprayed also and was coughing, choking, and frantically swiping at their faces, that’s when the guards all put gas masks on.

He said if they had all come to cause trouble they would have come armed but they didn’t and were only there to support our President. He expressed his sorrow at those who were killed and said the “stuff they’re showing on T.V is nothing like what it really was. They’re calling it a “riot,” Trump supporters; “terrorists,” and the guards “that were hurt” were the guards that got sprayed accidentally.

Gerri and I thanked him for going to support President Trump and that if we could have gone we would have.

I’ll believe this man over the main stream media any day!

Be prepared for there is more to come. Military have already been set up. I’ll stay home this time away from the crowd of glaring sheeple and enjoy the crab cakes I bought.

Thanks for coming by and stop watching the lying MSM!


#Mainstreammedia #Washington,DC #PresidentTrump #RallyatWashington #Lyingmedia #Visualaccount #Sheeple #Teargas #Pepperspray #WhiteHouse #Whitehouseguards #Antifa #Trumpsupporters #Riot #Terrorists #Military #Beprepared

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