Trying to Hang in There

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been very active on this blog for a while. With everything that’s going on I just haven’t had the inclination or desire to write. The political uprisings, people being censored on social media, free speech being tossed in the garbage can as well as other liberties, Covid deception, (I do not discount people being sick and loss of life,) as well as other things that life has thrown at me.

All that seems to be invading my world and has left me feeling empty of being able to write without anger and “non-Christian” language. Glen Beck did a short video and it is exactly how I feel! He says a whole lot more than I can say here.

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I think many others feel the same way but all we can do is pray, wait, and watch for what God has planned. He will not be mocked! And has told me, and others, “Watch, be patient, wait, it isn’t over!” (in regards to China Joe taking a seat in the White House) It reminds me of my five years of hard lessons in learning to trust Him and to be obedient as He moved me all around the country. (I wrote a book about that – Laying Down my Net)

As stated in a previous post I have been sending several books to the Prison Book Ministry and even though others have encouraged me to write another book it just isn’t there. The desire has vanished. Whether it returns is up to the Lord. For now there’s absolutely no desire to write one.

Isn’t that how the world will invade our peace, joy, and desire to take another step in the right direction? I’ve listened to little news. The T.V. is off most of the time and I seldom listen to the radio, but if I do it’s a Christian station when I’m driving.

So what’s with the down trodden spirit I have to ask myself. The answer? I’ve looked out over what’s going on in the world instead of looking up to see what the Lord our God is doing. In other words, get your focus right, Cass!

I have been clinging to Him, but somehow the enemy always comes sneaking in to redirect my attention. I think that’s true with many of us. With all that is happening in our crazy mixed up evil world we MUST stay focused on Christ and try to be a part of what He is doing. And that is not always easy!

We’re being invaded by evil spirits like never before in this country. They are determined to not only destroy our country and every Christian breathing but lead as many into hell as they possibly can. I’m not talking about republicans, democrats, independents! I’m talking about the spiritual warfare that is being carried out across our country and the world! Christ is coming back and Satan knows it even more so than many of us. His time is short and he is determined to rob, steal, and destroy as much as he can and through anyone he can! Our battle is in the heavenlies, not each other.

This post is as much for me as it is being written for you. I’m as guilty as everyone else in the anger, frustration, and name calling. I will make it very clear though, I will NEVER accept evil as any part of leadership in my country and I’m looking to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to deal with it in His way and in His time.

In the meantime hopefully we all can hang in there. My prayer: Come Lord Jesus come!


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