Its Been an Adventure

When the Lord told me to start this blog I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be writing about but He is always faithful and has inspired me in many of the articles I’ve written and encouraged me to copy and paste, reblog, etc. some articles from others.

I hope A Writers Corner Blog has been encouraging and informative for many of you. We writers sometimes need all the encouragement we can get and many of you have been an encouragement and a blessing to me. I thank you for that.

Many circumstances have arisen and as I have said so many times in the past, “I’ll tell it like it is.” That isn’t going to change now so…

I’ve lost interest in writing; in writing novels, in writing non-fiction, in writing blogs. I don’t know if a season of writing has come to an end after publishing nine books, engaging in three blogs, Facebook, and a website. Maybe it’s called being burned out or maybe the Lord is steering me in another direction. Or maybe its just a time out.

Whatever the reason I am cutting back on some of the blogs and A Writers Corner is the first to go. I appreciate each and every reader that has looked at, read, commented, and gleaned information that was helpful to them. I hope this blog has been a blessing.

This site will remain up until the “bill comes due” and after that I guess it just disappears.

Thank you for the adventure of spending time with you through A Writers Corner. You can still enjoy some good stuff at my other sites:

Blessings to you.