Grab the Boot Straps

First I want to apologize for not keeping up with these posts. A lot has been going on in my small corner of the world. The Lord has kept me going after the loss of a sister, the younger sister being diagnosed with cancer three days after the death of the other one, trying to find a decent publisher, lining up endorsements, and my sister having cancer surgery yesterday. Praise God she came through the surgery and the Dr. says everything went well. Thank you to those who have been praying for her and us.

Now it’s time to grab the boot straps and get back to business. Hopefully everything will settle down now and I can focus on those things I have had to hit and miss at.

I did find a publisher, I have filled out the questionnaire, I have sent in the tax papers, and have received an e-mail that my book, Amy’s Quest is now being sent to the editorial review department.

That means that a professional editor will proof read the manuscript with a fine tooth comb for grammatical, organizational, and spelling errors. They also look for word usage, structure, redundancy, and consistency and will make suggestions.

This processes takes about two months and anything they do is sent back to me for my corrections and if there are suggestions made then I can accept them and make the changes or reject them. They DO NOT automatically change something, not even a misspelled word. And that is important when looking for a publisher.

It is during this part of the production phase that we CANNOT make changes to the manuscript that has been submitted. What we have submitted at this point is what will be kept as far as the story goes. Of course spelling, etc. can be corrected.

So before submitting a manuscript make sure it is what you want printed. There will be some pretty hefty charges if you decide at a later date to add/delete from your story.

So right now, as this process is going on, I’m collecting the endorsements promised by some pastors and another author, and with the publishers previous agreement I will be adding those to the “What Others are Saying” page. That’s the ONLY reason I can add those to the manuscript since it’s gone to the editorial review department.

Have a great week-end and thanks for stopping by.