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If you love to read you can order my new novel directly from me and if you live in the Good ole U.S.A. I’ll pay the shipping. Now that’s a saving!

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Have you ever wondered why bullies bully? Ever had a lousy teacher, a great teacher? What about those talked about foster homes? Or have you or someone you know been lost in the mountains? Rejected? Abandoned? And oh, I know we all have questioned God at some time or another.

There are so many issues that are touched on in story form in Amy’s Quest that even surprised me when I went back and read the final version. This book is an inspiration on so many levels and to be honest, it really surprised me. As I’ve stated before, the Lord writes my books, I just type what He gives me.

You can order from Amazon but if you order directly from me you not only save $2.99 off Amazon price, ($22.99) plus shipping and handling, but will be supporting a Christian ministry AND have a signed copy! Now that’s a deal!

It could become a NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER and wow, you will already have a signed copy!

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It’s a great read and thanks for supporting my ministry.


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Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

Sometime back I wrote about various publishers that have gone out of business, publishers that are “glorified print shops” (in my opinion), and in finding a reputable publisher.

I have had all three over the last 12 years of writing fiction and non-fiction books. My first book was published in 2008 and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, and was totally in the dark about how to find a publisher or the publishing process.

Naturally mistakes were made and having various publishers over the years the lessons learned have been educational and beneficial. Plus, needless to say, I’ve learned much about actually writing in a way that draws people into the story, as well as other little secrets.

A while back I ran across a blog that I think will be very helpful in helping new authors, even seasoned authors, to avoid scam publishers. I…

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We’re Not Done Yet

We’ve talked about the steps about the process of getting our stories published and at times how frustrating it can be. We’ve gone through writing our story, the editing process, getting it submitted, and investigating the various publishers.

We’ve finally gotten to the point of actually seeing our book come together and a cover design completed. That’s exciting! But what is even more exciting is to hold our completed book in our hot little hands and feel the pride and excitement of a completed project, as well as the sigh of relief that its finished.

I’ve received my “free” copies and have to decide how many books I now want to purchase. Yes, we have to buy our books at an author’s discount, and having learned the hard way, I don’t buy 200 hundred books at a time with visions of grandeur of selling them all in a couple of weeks. Kind of like seeing our name in lights in Hollywood. A nice dream that probably won’t come true.

So what’s next? The process is not over quite yet. There’s press releases, video trailers to be made, and e-book creations. That is if you have chosen a reputable publisher. So my next step in this process is the video trailer of Amy’s Quest. It’s already on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase.

The video trailer will highlight my book’s theme and when placed online with the press release increases the potential for more sales. It’s usually placed on the publisher’s YouTube channel, website, and with the press release. That is exciting, too, especially if it is done correctly. We can also publish it on our websites, Facebook, blogs, etc. You can see examples by visiting

I was disappointed with one trailer that was done for one of my books because all it did is read the back cover to music. But I have had others that have really set the tone of my book. We don’t have much say, if any, in the creation of a video trailer. With the publisher I now have I have to approve or disapprove and that’s a good thing.

So I have my completed books, have received my purchased copies, and have even sold some. Now I wait for the publisher to create the video trailer and press release. In the meantime I can be advertising my book, giving some as free copies to get the word of mouth going and getting my name out there to the public, and maybe trying to arrange some book signings. (which is difficult to do now with book stores having gone out of business)

The publishing process isn’t completed yet but this also gives us time to start our next book!

Thanks for stopping by and happy writing.




Former SEAL: 3000 Elite Pedophiles Arrested – Media Silent

April 30, 2017Sean Adl-TabatabaiNewsUS8 Comments

Former Navy SEAL says 3000 pedophiles arrested as part of elite pedo ring investigation amid media blackout


Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer says that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite satanic pedophile ring have been arrested, amid a total blackout by the mainstream media. 

Speaking with Infowars‘ Michael Zimmerman at the NRA’s annual convention, Sawyer says that intelligence insiders have confirmed that Trump’s vow to take down the elite pedophile ring in Washington DC is already being fulfilled.

According to Sawyer, his independent research has led him to discover that high-level government officials routinely torture and kill young children during satanic rituals. He says that despite a concerted effort by social media and the mainstream to suppress this information, they cannot escape the avalanche of truth being released by the independent media.

Transcript of interview with Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer

We started a nonprofit organization called ‘Veterans For Child Rescue’ and we are raising money to expose high level elite pedophile rings that are snatching up our children. Some of them are into satanic rituals and torturing little infants and toddlers to death.

I’m getting high level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January. We have a President now who is not ok with children being raped and tortured to death, thank God.

With all of these arrests going on, I’ve been learning more and more about it and I’ve realized i have to go independent to get around the gatekeepers in the mainstream media who refuse to report on it.

My mission is to inform the American citizens of what they’ve been denied knowing. I want to provide a non permissive environment against these acts for these children and make a better environment for the children going forward. We have to do something.

I’ve assembled a task force of high level intelligence retirees and veterans who are very capable. So we’re going to shoot this documentary and shine a light on this cesspool of corruption and help clean it up.

Immediately after I told Alex Jones and announced our founding of the organizations. I got phone calls from officials saying there are two groups planning to attack the organization.

I’m going to allow their attacks to illuminate what they’re doing.

Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowdfunding sites have undermined us. But every day we are gaining more and more support from high level officials. Its a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.


“Amy’s Quest” Review


Author Sue Cass doesn’t know how to write a bad book. Amy’s Quest is a riveting, must read, engaging story of love winning, against all odds. I couldn’t put this book down. It’s exciting, real, and true to life – the story right away engages the reader, almost as if you were a part of the story, not merely reading it. The story is personal, dramatic, and full of life while being easy to read.

Cass’s book has much to recommend it – a solid story line, humor, action and adventure, highs and lows, seriousness where needed, and is a great picture of what real love looks like.

While the book is a great story, it also reminds us of the love Jesus has for us, and what that love can do in and through us. This is a great book everyone should read; I cannot recommend Amy’s Quest highly enough.

– Greg Holt, Author, “Spiritual Darkness is Destroying America and the Church”

Editor and Publisher of the Olive Branch Report and True Conservative Pundit



Amy Preston’s perseverance, determination, and tenacity in her quest to overcome rejection, abandonment, abuse, and a world that makes no sense to her from childhood.

Suspense, intrigue, and romance that will keep you turning the pages.

Sue Cass’ new novel is a heartwarming story of a young girl determined to overcome all that she has faced. Her story shows us that hope does not have to be lost regardless of the challenges we may have faced in the past or in the present.


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