It is Finished

I’m beginning to get a little frustrated, like everyone else I am sure, about not being able to do and go as I am used to doing and going. But with that in mind I am still able to play in the dirt while it seems that everyone else is freaking out over this virus.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it is very serious, I know good people are dying right and left, and families are having a difficult time. It just seems that people have gone nuts with fear and fear does not come from the Lord. He gives us a sound mind, at least some of us, and common sense as well as wisdom. We’ll get through this with His help.

So to move forward, regardless of a nasty virus, this is how my flower garden started. Monkey grass taking over the walkway to the entrance of my guest house.

Then we moved on to getting them relocated to the back of the garden.

Snake # 1 disposed of with a sharp shovel.

And we got that part of the job done.

Hot footing it to Walmart I was able to find 30 potted Phlox plants and had decided to line the front part of the garden with those. Phlox is a pretty fast spreading perineal plant so the spaces will fill in making a beautiful border along the front.

Snake # 2 beheaded.

Now I need to find the mulch. I like Cedar mulch the best because bugs and critters don’t like it. Especially termites and Georgia is one of their favorite states to live in. Plus it smells so good.

Snake # 3 taken care of!

Today, after being able to scrounge up a bunch of bags of mulch, I was able to get the finishing touches to it done. Doesn’t it look nice?

No snake today. Praise God and Hallelujah!

So that flower bed is finished for now and I can move on to the other ones as I am able to get the mulch that I need. I’m hoping to hear from my publisher pretty soon. I pray they are all okay and none have this virus.

So while we all sit on hold, I’ll continue to play in the dirt, try not to work my poor roommate to death helping, read, pray, and try to help others as I can.

Wishing you all well and stay safe. See ya’ next time.


The Aliens Came

The grass is ankle high, the weeds are popping up like popcorn scattered across the tall grass, the snakes, hopefully, are hiding in someone else’s yard, it rained again all day, and I got an e-mail from the publisher.

Like everyone else that is following the dictates to remain home to halt the spread of this coronavirus, so are the employees at my publishing company, which makes it difficult for them.

I thoroughly understand and appreciate their persistence in trying to make deadlines even under these extreme conditions by working from their homes. So with a pleasant thank you for notifying me and wishing them to stay safe and healthy I await the page formation of Amy’s Quest.

Today was my first trip to Walmart in almost three weeks and I think the aliens came. With my list of needs and wants in hand and my roommate with her list, we decided we needed a “Walmart fix.” (actually some groceries)

We pulled into the parking lot filled with cars and with a groan I said, “Oh my, the place is packed, we’ll never get what we need.” I found a parking space when someone pulled out and with umbrella’s at full mast we traipsed across the wet pavement through the downpour into the store.

I suddenly stopped and gaped at the empty aisles. A security guard walked near us and I said, “The parking lot is full, where’s all the people!?” There was not 25 people in that whole big store!

He laughed, shrugged, and replied, “I don’t know.” (It’s gotta’ be bad when they now hired a security guard!)

All during our hunt for what we needed; passing totally empty shelves, a meat counter that had some chicken and hamburger and nothing else, stacks and stacks of bottled water, Plenty of yucky store brand milk, (I like name brand thank you very much) and an aisle devoid of all toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. Praise God someone delivered bread because that aisle was full.

I did manage to get three different kinds of canned veggies for a soup I wanted to make out of the sparse choices left here and there, and the whole time the place was like a deserted museum. This was not during early morning hours when everyone is still asleep. It was in the middle of the afternoon!

As we left we saw a few cars pulling in looking for parking spaces and only a couple leaving. Where’d the people who arrived in all those parked cars disappear to? There are no other stores!

Gazing up at the sky I yelled, “Oh look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”

It had to be aliens that sucked the people right out of their cars and headed back to space leaving my roommate and I to shop without having to stand six feet from someone else or fight someone for a can of beans. (Thank you Lord.)

And the highlight of my day? I was able to get 10 pots of beautiful purple Phlox. Ohhh I’m a happy camper now! The sun is coming out tomorrow and the rain going away.

Look out dirt – here I come!

Take your time format people, I got gardening to do. 🙂

Stay home, stay safe, and see ya next time.


Spring Fever

I have spring fever and that is not a good thing when we are told, not asked, “stay home!” due to the Coronavirus stuff. And yes, I have been doing that and enjoying playing in the dirt.

I’m not so sure my roommate feels quite the same way because she has not been active for a few years due to just trying to survive. The last couple of days we have had beautiful weather. Thank you Lord for the reprieve from all the rain.

Naturally I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the first day I told my roommate, “Get some old clothes and shoes on that you don’t care to get dirty. I’m putting your butt to work!”

I have several large “monkey grass” plants that line my walkway and they have gotten so big they needed to be moved.

Now that was no simple task and we worked almost the full day digging big enough holes to relocate them and digging them up which meant dealing with any critters that may be hiding in them or under them.

My poor roommate was determined that she was having a good time in between sweat rolling down her face, shoulders and face turning a bright pink, and almost collapsing as it took two of us to pick up the dug up plant.

One freakin’ poisonous snake (copperhead) later we managed to get many of them transplanted.

Did I mention I HATE snakes!!!!!!

We merely moved them to the back of the garden away from the walkway that they were taking over. I still have more to transplant but until I decide where to move them we moved on to the next day.

“Sue’s determined to kill me!” Was told to many friends and put on Facebook. I’m really not. (giggle)

Yesterday, “Put your work clothes on, we’re going to initiate the new burn barrel.”

“Sue’s going to kill me yet.”

So we spent about 3-4 hours picking up branches, twigs, and sticks from the winters barrage on my yard and burned them in my fancy new burn barrel. The aches and pains from the day before left my poor roommate moving pretty slow so I showed the Lord’s compassion and let her take several much needed rest periods. (I don’t think I had a choice)

The problem now is that I’m ready to start planting new flowers in my front garden and with the, “stay home!” I am being conscientious about being exposed and possibly exposing others to this darn virus so I can’t go get the plants I want. Grrrr

I’m sure others feel the same but listen up, this too will pass and we all will be back to what we call normal living. Church is being live streamed, there are still some groceries to be found, (forget toilet paper and hand sanitizer,) but we are a resourceful people.

God is in control and its a great time to seek Him and enjoy the time away from the daily grind as much as possible. Take care of those chores around the house that you’ve put off for who knows how long, play with your kids, eat dinner together around a table, and put the freakin’ cell phones away for a day.

Stay safe and healthy and please pray for our truckers that are having a really hard time finding food and rest.


I’m Ready!

What a time we live in right now. Do you ever wonder what it will be like when all, or most, of the Christians are gone and the world faces a world where Satan is in command?

I have thought about that and to be honest, I can not even begin to imagine what will go on when I see the hatred, greed, and dishonesty that goes on now.

Watching the news, listening to people arguing and fighting over nonessential things during this pandemic of Coronavirus is astounding to me and yet it shouldn’t be, considering what an evil world we live in.

The Lord whispered in my ear as I stood gaping at empty shelves, “This is just a small sample of what is yet to come.”

Well, He also says we are to prepare. I’m ready…

I donned my hazmat suit and grabbed my Bible and off to church I went. Don’t tell me I can’t go to church! And after church I kept my safety suit on and I boldly stepped into Walmart and found an entire roll of toilet paper! I was so proud of myself even when the woman next to me tried to yank it out of my hands.

The canned vegetables were gone but I managed to snatch a can of green beans out of the 3 cases the man in front of me had in his cart when he turned his back, and I even found a small container of hand wash that was hiding behind the aspirins.

Of course I’m saying all of this in jest. (The 3 cases of green beans is true)

Listening to the main stream media and hearing all the fear tactics being spewed out from the t.v. screen one would think this is exactly what we need to do.

Instead they have closed the stores, leaving many out of work. They have shut down the schools leaving parents worried sick how to feed their kids, and the churches have closed their doors leaving me comfortably watching a live stream service from my church in my nighty, covered with an afghan, and a hot cup of tea. Hey, now that part wasn’t so bad. It’s the first time I’ve been able to sit through church warm!

I’m fully aware that the Coronavirus is a deadly virus and it is to be taken seriously. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones from this virus but please let’s use what common sense we have and not hoard, oh my gosh especially the toilet paper! Like our sheriff of our county said, “You don’t need 742 packages of toilet paper!”

Stay safe and healthy my friends and we’ll get through this with the Lord’s help.


Moving on Up

Having submitted the one correction that I had, I’m not really surprised that I received the manuscript back in just three days for my approval of that one correction. Since it is only one correction instead of several the publishers editors usually do it right away.

So I checked it, okayed it, and clicked the “accept editing” for all of the corrections including the one I sent. This is THE benefit of having a publisher that will make no changes, not even a little one, without your approval.

So now my manuscript for Amy’s Quest is sent to the Illustration Department for the page design. What they do in that department is the type setting which is setting appropriate fonts and sizes, choosing the right character and line spacing, setting accurate page breaks so the pages look nice. My book doesn’t have any photo’s, charts, or drawings but it is in this department that they do that plus the bar codes, pricing, and ISBN numbers. In other words, they do a lot.

So it is wait time again while they do their thing and in the meantime, while I’m waiting to get that sent to me for my approval, I’ve been playing in the dirt since it quit raining for three days and the weather was warm. Now we’re back to rain. 😦

I have a pretty Iris garden that needed weeding really bad. I didn’t need the freakin’ snake that showed up though! I hate snakes!!!!!! The trusty shovel took care of him and even though I kept watching to make sure he wasn’t resurrected, I was able to finish my weeding and admire the results of my hard work.

Hopefully it won’t take the 3-4 months to get the formatted manuscript back for my approval. It’s always exciting to finally see our book in the almost completed book form.

So the production process is movin’ on up and that’s what is important.

Have a great week. See ya’ next time.



Making a List…

Making a list and checking it twice is really, really important.

I received my edited manuscript back today. Remember I received the manuscript with the publishers editing done and I was to go through it and was to make any changes that I wanted and to check their editing. Even professional editors can miss something. (and they did) It must be gone through word by word.

So I did that and sent back my correction sheet.

Here’s an example:

On the original manuscript I had: Amy lies on her bed and watches as

On my correction sheet I changed and added; Amy has finally stopped crying as she lies on her bed and watches as

Another example:

On the original manuscript I had; detective Collins and
his wife

On my correction sheet I dropped off – his wife and replaced with Susan. So it now reads: detective Collins and Susan

Well this morning I received the corrected manuscript with the corrections that I listed. Again, the red and blue are still there, which made me think they had changed nothing. (Each publisher has their own way of doing things) Once I figured out what they were doing, editing wise, I had to go through, using the list of corrections I printed out that I sent them to make sure each correction was done and was done as I wanted it to be done.

This is very important! Be sure to make a copy of any corrections you send to the publisher for editing. Their corrections will be sent back to you for your approval. If you did not make a copy of what corrections you sent them – don’t count on remembering them! You must have a copy in your possession.

Instead of hours and days going through every word this morning I merely pulled out my list of corrections and went down the list one by one with their copy of edited revisions. It took me about an hour and a half versus 40+ hours.

So what happens if there is a mistake missed? Glad you asked. 🙂 I had one ~~~ that separates thoughts, times, and places, etc. that I missed. I wanted them to be just one squiggle (~) instead of three. It’s a very obvious mistake and would stand out like a sore thumb in the book because there are several places this is used, so it must be fixed.

I e-mailed my representative and gave the page number and line number with the mistake that needs to be corrected. She will send it over to the editing department, they’ll correct it and send it back to me for my approval, I’ll hit the “approve” button and we continue to the next step in production.

Had there been no mistake that needed correcting I would have simply hit the “approve” button.

Now we move on, once I approve that one mistake has been corrected, to typesetting.

Stay tuned. We’ll talk about that later.

Thanks for coming by and I hope this is helpful.



That’s exactly what I look like about now!

I received an e-mail from my publisher that the edited version of my new book, Amy’s Quest, is ready for my viewing on Wednesday. Of course I immediately uploaded it and did a quick scroll through to see how much editing was done.

Now you need to understand that any editing done, be it a word or a suggestion by the editors, is at my discretion as to accept it or change it. Seeing some misspelled words is a no brainer, punctuation’s can go whatever way as to how we want the sentence to sound, and as for an editors suggestion, that’s a little different.

Let me give you an example of one suggestion they made.

My sentence read:

what did she have for breakfast, who cleans, and how did she get the bruise on her face.

The editor’s version reads:

what she had for breakfast, who cleans, and how she got the bruise on her face.

I liked the way they consolidated the sentence to sound better so I accepted their version.

Another example of an editing deals with numbers. I wrote out the number seven. I see a bright red line through the seven and in blue is 7. Red is “no no” and blue is the correction. I haven’t figured out how to write that in red or blue here so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Anyway, I immediately sat down and began going word by word through the entire book. This first editing process is a MUST that you read EVERY word. Any mistakes or changes to the manuscript can be made at this point without extra charge. The corrections are sent back to the publisher on a separate e-mail from the manuscript.

This is what it looks like:

377 “Amy, sweetheart, you are not going to jail! That is not why we are here,.” Mrs. Carver says gently.
378 “Do you hear me, sweetheart?” sShe asks.

The 377 and 378 is the line number and goes throughout the entire manuscript. Every line is numbered.

There is a red , and a blue . at the end of line 377.

sShe asks on line 378- there is a red line through the S with the correction being the s in blue.

This is done throughout the manuscript and EVERYTHING MUST be checked.

So why do I look like the above picture?

8 hours on Wednesday, 12 hours on Thursday, 12 hours on Friday, and 4 hours this morning before I finished.

Here’s an example of what my correction sheet looks like:

328 – If you would…” – Why is … taken out? Her question is being interrupted.

349 – “Hi Amy, (There was no quotation mark in front of Amy.)

373 – Shouldn’t there be a period after her thought since there’s a commentary next? (they changed my period to red)

451 – “Hi Tom” (“Hi, Tom” That changes how it sounds so I removed the comma)

Hip-hip hurray I went back and checked everything again with my corrections to make sure the line numbers were correct and the corrections are what I want. I typed an e-mail back to the publisher, added my attached corrections and…

hit the send button!

So what happens next?

Stay tuned. See ya’ next time.


I Am Outraged!

Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

And you should be, too!

Relaxing in my recliner with a movie on the T.V. I was enjoying a mystery style movie and then of course all the commercials are stuck in there every few minutes leaving only about forty minutes of actual movie time.

Trying to ignore as many commercials as possible, I go to the pantry, get a microwave popcorn, pop it in the microwave, and when finished popping settle down to watch more of the movie when another commercial appears.

It’s a T-Mobile commercial showing various people in various activities. Have you seen it?

Suddenly 2 grown men appear and are KISSING – mouth to mouth before my very eyes. I wanted to puke!

Forget the movie! I stomped in here to the computer and wrote T-Mobile a letter!

If you would like to write or call and hopefully put a stop to this crap here’s the…

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Where’d it Go?

Many have seen on the news about the crazy weather that has gone across the country. Snow eye-ball high leaving cars and big rigs in ditches, flooding, ice storms, and freezing temperatures.

Here in Georgia we have broken the record from clear back to 1964 (I think) by record amounts of rain. Our normal amount for a year is 21 + inches and holy cow this is only Feb. and we have already topped 17+ inches at the time of this writing and it is still raining!

A boat was scheduled to come by and I decided I needed to get on board but…

That’s me and Gerri (my roommate)

So now I’m stuck with the next crossing. 🙂

Just a month and a half ago I was enjoying my beach. (Its not really mine but I call it that) Walking along the edge, feeling the cold air blowing across the water yet feeling some sunshine on my face. It was refreshing. I walked out to the waters edge and stuck my toes in. The water was low but cold. Brrrrr Notice the rock jetty off to the right? People go to the end of it to fish.

Nice sandy beach with the rock jetty for fishing off of. This is Georgia’s largest lake.
Beautiful little sunny beach

I decided to go down to my beach yesterday and oh my gosh!

Where’d it go?

Can you find the rock jetty?
Can you see any sandy beach?

All I see is water and more water.

Not even the ducks will swim in that!
There is a boat ramp under there someplace.
Someone won’t be walking out to board their boat on that.

It has gotten so dangerous that no one is allowed to enter. (I sneaked in for these pictures)

I shouldn’t be shocked at how many people are surprised at all the “weird” and various weather phenomenon going on. Obviously they haven’t read the Bible about what will/is taking place in these the last days. It’s all been predicted within God’s Word; floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. And its all happening before our eyes.


To be perfectly honest – I’m ready for summer! But as Glen Burns (a chief meteorologist here) said, “I have bad news. Our rainy season starts in two weeks.”

Wait for me ….

Hope you stay safe and dry. Thanks for coming by.


Rare Occasion for Georgia

For those in the Northern states I’m sure you’ll get a great chuckle about those of us in the South. Georgia doesn’t see snow very often and when we do we all get excited. The kids grab the sled’s, adults want to be able to brag that they made it down the road without crashing, and those of us with more common sense stay home with a cup of hot chocolate and a fire going in the fireplace.

Today was one of those days. Just 2 days ago we had bright sunshine and a warm 72 degrees in North Georgia where I live. Atlanta hit 78 degrees! In less than 36 hours we are 30 degrees and looking out my window is a winter wonderland.

After living in Wyoming through two winters I am thanking God this will be gone by morning. I’m enjoying it now but oh so thankful for it’s disappearance and warm days returning. I hate cold weather!

Here’s some pictures I hope you enjoy. And hey, you Northerners, don’t laugh too hard, we’ll be in shorts while you’re still shoveling out. 🙂

One lone Cardinal enjoying the snow.
In front of my house.
My back yard
Darn, the Cardinal flew away.

And its still snowing. We’re supposed to get about 3-4 inches and I think we will. That’s enough to build a little snowman!

Have a great day everyone and if you didn’t get snow – enjoy some of mine. 🙂